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Here are some basic rules for submitting an e-mail for consideration of posting to our OP-ED page, URGE to be Heard. You must include your name, address and phone number where you can be reached for verification. We keep these numbers and the addresses confidential however, the municipality you live in will be published.

Keep letters to 350 words or less. Longer length posts will be considered but their length must be approved in advance of being sent. Editorials consisting of 350 words or less do not need prior approval. Please send your editorials to the URGE to be Heard at

Letters should be in good taste and should advance the discussion of green and environmental issues, whether they be around the block or around the world. All letters are subject to editing for language, spelling and length. Writers are allowed one letter every 14 days Views expressed do not necessarily reflect those held or taken by the URGE, Green Local 175, Energy Users Consulting Services ,or any individual therin.

Lastly, there is another option to give your POV if you think that 350 words is not enough space to adequately cover the issue(s) and your viewpoint . We call it "Your 5 on Green Local 175 Live", which will give you up to 5 minutes via video and/or audio recording to express your views on our radio and internet show . Contact for more information.

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