Utica Lead Free Water

About Us

Utica Lead Free Water is fighting for the right of all residents of the City of Utica to consume clean, safe, lead free drinking water. It is a working group composed of enlightened political and community leaders, as well as concerned citizens. Our goal is to educate and motivate the community and to put pressure on all public officials, to make a financial and moral commitment to eliminate all lead pipes in Utica .

The team's first action was for a member to compose and send out a 2 part information sheet to both public officials and private citizens. These sheets were then posted on a web site to achieve greater distribution. These sheets serve as a primer on the issues surrounding lead poisoning, lead pipe removal, how we now have the money to do so, and why lead removal would provide a huge economic stimulus . Part 1 can be found here . You can read part 2 here .

Other members are also working feverishly and thinking of ways to get our message and mission out. We will use social media as well as old fashioned in person arm twisting to achieve our goal. These are our Facebook and Twitter pages. Expect to see both online and door to door petitions. Please open our e-mail that will urge you to join this environmental justice fight and please help us to spread the word.

Lastly, we've tasked our wordsmiths with the composition of legislation so that both legislative and executive branches will give their unequivocal approval ; to eliminate all lead pipes and to give the citizens of Utica lead free drinking water forever!